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About Tamsyn

Tamsyn is a dual-qualified sports scientist and dietitian, practising from Cape Town. Tamsyn fuses the science of food and exercise to enhance health, wellbeing and performance.

Tamsyn completed her Bachelor of Science in sports science at the Stellenbosch University before completing an Honours degree in dietetics at the University of Cape Town. Tamsyn is currently furthering her studies in the realm of sport by completing the IOC diploma in Sports Nutrition.

Tamsyn has gained unique experience, including working within large tertiary hospitals in South Africa. Tamsyn has also gained work experience within sports NGO, where she has educated sport coaching staff on the importance of nutrition and its role in performance and recovery. Recently her professional career has extended to work with clients in delivering education and nutrition programs to support optimal athletic performance and recovery.

Nutrition is far more complex than simply the food we eat. It can affect our mental state, hormones, sleep and so much more. Thus, an understanding of how it will affect you and your body is vital. Tamsyn understands that each person is highly unique, therefore her nutrition approach is one that combines scientific evidence-based practices with realistic, wholistic and individual preferences.

Tamsyn became a dietitian because of her own journey with nutrition and improving her health. She is motivated to empower her clients to be the best version of themselves mentally and physically. In her spare time, Tamsyn can be found trying new recipes, being outdoors or spending time with family and friends.

Individual Consultation

For clients wanting assistance with nutrition for sport and exercise performance or general health concerns.

Initial consultation

In this consultation, we will discuss your current diet, general health, exercise routine and lifestyle as well as your goals and expectations. This information will help us tailor your meal guide. All follow up appointments will help us assess your progress and fine tune our approach.

Sports teams

We love that nutrition can maximise an athlete’s performance.
We offer tailored services to the needs and requirements of your team.