Our Services

Individual Consultation

For clients wanting assistance with nutrition for sport and exercise performance or general health concerns.

Initial Consultation

In this consultation, we will discuss your current diet, general health, exercise routine and lifestyle as well as your goals and expectations. This information will help us tailor your meal guide. All follow up appointments will help us assess your progress and fine tune our approach.

Sports teams

We love that nutrition can maximise an athlete’s performance. We use systems that include best-practice fuelling and recovery strategies which have a food first approach & when appropriate include evidence-based nutrition supplements, which is only ever the cherry on top.

We offer tailored services to the needs and requirements of your team. These include but are not limited to the following:
Implementation of high-level performance nutrition systems

• Implementation of high-level performance nutrition systems.
• Fuelling strategies.
• Recovery systems.
• Menu planning.
• Travel menu.
• Game day menu (Including post-match refuelling).
• Educational presentations & practical workshops.
• Shopping tours.
• Individual consultations for the team.

Please keep in mind, if you’re a new client, it is recommended you’ll need a minimum of three nutrition consultations, which can be booked ahead of time. 

You may be eligible for private health care rebates. 

Please note: Due to COVID 19 all individual consultations will run online. As your nutrition plan is individualised, we usually have a 7-day turn around for meal plans. 

  • How long are consultations? Initial consultation: 60 minutes 
  • Review consultation: 30 minutes 
  • Extended review consultation: (A lot of info to cover in one session) 45 minutes 
  • Vitality health check: 60 minutes

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